quarta-feira, 14 de dezembro de 2011

Carta para a host family


   Mais tarde do que nunca! Apresento a vocês minha carta para a host family (atendendo a pedidos). Especialmente porque sei que o grande publico do meu hulmide blog são de pessoas que estão entrando agora nessa vida maluca.

Dear host family,

   My name is Fabylane Bezerra, and I’m 20 years old, almost 21. I live in Natal the capital of Rio Grande do Norte. It’s a beautiful place, always is summer here, and has many beach, and places for visit. I live with my mother (Elane, 44 years old), my sister (Elaiza, 17 years old) and my dog (Bile, 4 years old). My father died, 3 years ago, because of health problem. I'm so blessed have a mother like mine, she is my support and I respect she very much, and she know I’m always responsible and positive in my live.
     Now I work as a accounting analyst. I’m Technique in Trade. I want start college in International Relation and improve my English it’s very important, and it is one of the causes I want do this exchange.  I would also like to travel to the USA to learn about their culture and people. And of course, because I love kids they are so important for us.
     I can describe myself as an outgoing, calm, flexible, organized, clean, funny, friendly, talkative, responsible person and always happy. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and my boyfriend, theatres, watch many movies, read good books. I always like practice sports, dancing, and when I am on my own, I enjoy listening to music, surf on the internet, reading , cooking , and more things. I’m an optimistic person and I try to see the positive side of every situation. I am very kind and I like to treat people with respect and consideration.
     I drive since last year, twice a week. And I have experience in drive with kids. I drive in streets city, interstates, and highway. I love swimming, (I has participated in competitions at school). And I have experience in the pool too with kids. And I really love cooking, I am so creative in the kitchen, and I like try different foods with kids, have some fun with their help at the kitchen.
     My experience with kids it’s for a long time. I always like children and take care of them. I like them because they are sincere and they live in a happy way. In my experience with children I always learn something with them and they learn with me. When I am with them I usually forget all life's problems. I have a lot of fun, so it keeps me young. 
     I took care my lovely cousin, always in summer, when I go to his house. He is a great boy. I gave food, I helped with homework. I took care too of my neighbors, two little wonderful girls. Every day after school I took care them. I cooked the lunch, I helped with homework, I played with the girls. We always created new things in the kitchen. And we swam in the pool. And I thank of God every day, for have in my life, kids so specials to me.
     Working as an Au Pair will keep me connected with what is really important to me, my love for children, family values, personal and professional growing, and a good knowledge to be a successful person in my country.
Fabylane Nivea

   Espero ter ajudado em algo, obrigada a todos por estarem sempre aqui pra ler minhas abobrinhas, amanha tem mais! 


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Vanessa dos Anjos disse...

Oi Faby, pois é dei uma empolgada na carta né, gostei da sua carta. Foi mais ou menos por ai a minha!
Ainda estou arrumando ali e aqui, vamos ver se consigo diminuir para não ficar chato.
Muito obrigada por atender o meu pedido.


Karine Leonardo disse...

Olá...tbm estou me programando para ser au pair! I need help! kkkkk Quero trocar experiências, se puder ficaria muito grata!