Perguntas Para as Famílias

About the children:
1) How many children are there? What are their names? *
2) How old are they? *
3) What do they like to do? *
4) What are their favorite games and toys? *
5) Are they in school? How far away is the school? *
6) How they go to school, by bus? Am I gonna be supposed to take them to school by car?
Se a criança for bebê - 7) Is she or he walking and talking yet? *
8) Are they energetic or calm kids?
9) What are their activities? (outdoor, indoor)
10) What do they usually eat? (for breakfast and lunch) *
11) Am I be supposed to make dinner?
12) Do you follow a special diet? *

About their home:
13) Where do you live? In which State? *
14) Is it a small town?
15) Is it near a big city or capital? Which one?
16) Do you live in house or apartment?
17) Do you have pets?
18) Do you have a housekeeper?
19) What about the aupair´s bedroom, what part of the house is the bedroom located?
20) Have you ever had an aupair before? Is she living with you yet?
21) Would you mind if i ask you to talk to her or send her an e-mail?
22) Are there other families with children nearby? *
23) Are there any other aupairs in the area? *
24) What things are there to do with the children? *

About the parents:
25) What are your names? *
26) Where do you work and what do you do? *
27) Why are you interested in getting an Au Pair? *
28) What are your hobbies? *
29) Do family members or relatives live nearby? *
30) How long have you lived in that state? *
31) Where have you lived before? *
32) Have you ever been to overseas? Didi you like it? *
33) Have you ever been to the country I am from? *
34) What qualities do you find important in an Au Pair? *


37. What do you think about the family? And the kids?
38. Are they nice with you?
39. Do you do any course? If so, are the courses near from the house?
40. Is there any cool near place to go there?
41. What do you most like to do in your free time?
42. What do you think they would like to receive as a gift?

About the Au Pair´s duties:
35) Will I be responsible for any household duties? If so, which ones? *
36) What kind of activities will you expect me to do with the children? *
37) What will my schedule be like? *
38) Will I have access to internet?
39) Will I have time to study? What time?
40) What will be my curfew? ou então What time can I get home during the week and on the weekends?

About the car:
41) Will I have permission to use the car? *
42) Is a state driver's license required? (alguns estados não aceitam apenas a carteira de motorista internacional, vc tem q fazer outra lá mesmo, dependendo do Estado). *
43) Are there only certain times when I can use the car? 

O que as famílias perguntam?

- Have you ever lived out of your home country before?

- Tell us about your personality. Are you a cheerful person?
- Can you adjust living with a foreign family and be a part of it?
- Can you live apart from your family and friends?
- Have you ever been an aupair before?
- Why do you want to be an au pair?
- How well do you speak our language?
- Are you planning on going to a language school?
- What is your parent's occupation?
- How large is your hometown? Is it a large city or a rural area?
- What is your last diploma you received? Are you a good student?
- What are your hobbies and interests?
- How is your driving and driving record?
- Do you have a criminal record?
- Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?
- How would you spend your weekends here?
- Will you request any time off to observe certain religious days?
- How do we arrange the vacation schedules?
- Are you flexible? If we run little late from work, do you mind?
- Would you participate in our family outings or vacations?
- Do you have any brothers or sisters?
- Please tell us about your childcare experience.
- Do you have any first-aid training?
- Can you cook?
- Do you have any dietary restrictions? Is there any type of food you don't eat?
- How would you approach any problems or issues during your stay?
- If we want you to teach our children your native language, would you mind speaking to them in your language?
- Do you have any allergies?
- How is your health? Do you have any health related issues?
- What kind of activities would you do with the kids?
- Can you help the children with homework?
- Would you treat younger and older children equally?
- How many children can you take care of?
- Our children have playmates coming over to our house regularly? Do you mind having more children around some days?
- How do you think this experience will change you as a person?
- What are your plans after your aupair experience?

Prováveis perguntas da entrevista (J1 VISA):

. Do you speak english?

2. How long you will be in U.S?
3. How this au pair program works?
4. Are you work through an agency?

5. You live with your parents?

6. How much they will pay you in U.S?
7. Tell about your host family..
8. Where are you going to study? 

9. Who's spending your trip?
10. Do you know what part of the United States (nome da sua cidade) is?
11. Do you have contact with your family?
12. What do you want do in United States?
13. How many kids they have? 
14. How old are they? 
15. O que você vai fazer la?
16. Qual o motivo da viagem ?
17. Qual a sua ocupação?
18. Você ja é formada na faculdade?
19. Pra qual cidade você vai?
20. Por qual agência você vai?
21. Quanto você pagou para a agencia?
22. Por que você quer ser Au Pair?
23. Porque não outro programa de intercâmbio?
24. O que os seus pais fazem?
25. Tem experiência com crianças?
26. O que você pretende fazer quando voltar ao Brasil?
27. Voce se formou em quê?
28. Quem tá pagando seu vôo?
29. Como você ficou sabendo do programa?
30. Quão bem você fala inglês?
31. Onde você se formou?
32. Com quem você mora no Brasil?
33. O que vai fazer com as kids?
34. Quando você terminou os estudos?
35. Onde e por quanto tempo estudou inglês?
36. O que você está fazendo agora?
37. O que você faria se acontecesse uma emergência com as crianças?
38. O que Au pair tem a ver com sua carreira?
39. Quanto era a mensalidade da sua faculdade?
40. Qual o patrimônio da sua família?