quinta-feira, 13 de junho de 2013

FREE!!!! (english only)

Who like free things?
I certainly do!! =D
So, I knew about the website: craigslist... But unfortunately when I was on US I didnt have any clue that on the website have free things!! YEah! Kind of weird for our brazilian culture, but there you can find beds, ticktes for show, haircut, monitor, piano... anyway.. anything you want (or not).. Of course is not everything new (believe or not, some it's pretty new, like a bed in nyc that's have only 3 months of use), but is the kind of thing, they don't need anymore, so who come first can get it!
And the best, it's all around the world, but especially in US (nothing free in Brazil).

Do you want? It's free!!

So.. If you are thinking to move out to US or I don't know... do you want something free.. =p Here you can get a lot of stuff!